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About Us

Aerius International Inc provides consulting, design, construction, and financing services to approved and licensed American marijuana operators. Our team, comprising of doctors, board members, engineers, consultants, and architects have decades of combined experience in their field of specialization. Our specialized experience and our industry knowledge allow us to develop business plans based on the anticipated regulated marijuana market growth. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and resources required to help you secure the success of your cannabis business.

About Us

Meeting the Industry Demands

The ever-growing cannabis industry needs extensive real estate to meet its extensive growth needs of the market for products. We assist our Preferred Partners with their infrastructure needs in the following areas:

  • Identifying
  • Designing
  • Permitting
  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Operation

We work with both startups and growing businesses.

Our professionals have specialized experience in marijuana cultivation, genetics, extraction techniques, infused product development, retail marijuana operations, medical research, traditional horticulture, real estate development, lean manufacturing, facility construction, security, and regulatory compliance. We offer end-to-end cannabis consulting, real estate solutions, financing solutions, and relevant services, working with cannabis businesses and policymakers.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why our business stands out:


We take pride in providing professional, results-oriented, and proven consultation services. From start to completion, we ensure your project stays on schedule and achieves the desired goals.


There are very few services that bring a comprehensive approach to your projects. We are longtime consultants to many cannabis business operators, investors, real estate owners, and land developers. We have in-depth knowledge of and can handle the maze of local and state regulations required to help your business succeed.


Our clients trust our consultation services because we have a proven track record of developing reliable plans that deliver on the promises. We are dedicated to completing projects and not on inflating the budget. When you choose us, your dollars will be spent on achieving the goals efficiently and quickly.

Currently, more than three dozen states allow Medical Marijuana or recreational marijuana. The revenue figures are expected to cross $24 billion by 2025 by even the most conservative estimates. And we are here to help you tap this ever-expanding market.
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